What This Blog Is About


Sometimes I think of the Alexander Technique like a great meal.  It takes effort to prepare and skill to make, but the satisfaction you get out of it is fantastic.

Like any great meal, the Alexander Technique also requires the right ingredients. But, having the right ingredients alone doesn't necessarily mean you're going to make a great meal.  This is because how you combine the ingredients also matters, and doing so is a skill and art in itself.  This same concept applies to the Alexander Technique.

So how do you learn to combine the ingredients to make a great meal?  Just like learning any other skill: exploration and practice, ideally sped up by excellent resources and guidance.

So what is this blog about?  This blog is one more avenue for me to share a few of the ideas I've discovered along my own path while exploring and practicing the Alexander Technique.  Along with it's challenges and work, learning the Alexander Technique has given me well over a decade of truly amazing experiences and growth that I continue to develop and gain inspiration from each day.  So here are a few of my thoughts related to the Alexander Technique, and with any luck something here will help or inspire you along your way.

- Mark