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Alexander Technique lessons help people understand and change limiting patterns of posture and movement related pains so they can feel, move, and look more dynamic, poised, and confident in everything they do.

The Alexander Technique is a skill that helps people reduce excess physical and mental tension to enhance health and well-being.

Students learn to recognize and change persistent aches, pains, and stresses that relate to the ways they move, posture, and perform their daily activities.

In lessons with Mark you build movement awareness and learn to improve the quality of your movement by applying the Alexander Technique to your own activities. You'll use the tools of the Alexander Technique to reduce excess strain and tension, better manage issues that may be the result of the way you use yourself, and through this, enhance your own health and well-being.


The Alexander Technique is part of:

  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Sloan Kettering Hospital, New York
  • The Miller Health Care Institute for Performing Arts NYC

* A 2015 study in the Annal of Internal Medicine found that Alexander Technique lessons can lead to reductions in neck pain and associated disability.

* A 2007 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that “…one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain.”

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