In your lesson first lesson we'll examine the key movements, postures, questions or concerns that brought you to the lesson. We'll also look at some of your basic movements and postures such as sitting, walking, and standing.

You'll experience hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to help you recognize and better understand patterns of unnecessary tension interfering with the way you normally do your basic movements and activities; and you'll begin learning to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to enhance your movement and postures with less strain and greater ease.

From your first lesson you'll explore strategies to improve your personal health and performance goals by integrating the Alexander Technique into your life; moving you towards applying the Alexander Technique on your own from day one.



Private lessons are currently in Mark’s home studio, located two blocks west of Vancouver Community College (Broadway).  There is ample free parking available in the area and the studio is safely and easily accessible by public transportation.


Please contact Mark for current availability.


A single lesson is always recommended to start. This can help you determine if the Alexander Technique is right for you at this time.  

Following this, and with your goals in mind, the number of lessons depends on how much you apply the Technique between lessons, the condition you are in when you first start, and how far you would like to take it. For most students:

  • An introductory course of 10 lessons provides a solid personalized introduction
  • Most students report a frequency of 1-2 lesson per week as key for learning during their introductory course of lessons
  • A basic course of between 20-30 lessons can provide practicing students with the ability to apply the Alexander Technique with greater independence
  • Following this, some students continue to take lessons because they enjoy it and continue to improve; how many lessons you choose is always up to you


  • Private lesson: $55 per/lesson.
  • Four private lessons pack: $200 (save $20)
  • All private lesson are 45 min.


  • No special skills or background required
  • Daily self-application to life and activities
  • 10-15 minutes of specific practice/day


“I wholeheartedly recommend Mark Vasak and Alexander Technique to anyone interested in improving their relationship with their body.  My Alexander Technique lessons have been invaluable for helping me learn to stay balanced, poised and nimble in many different settings.  While I originally came to Alexander technique for help with “posture”, I soon learned how much deeper the work is and have come to find it benefits many areas of my life.  Mark is an excellent teacher – helping his students to integrate the material at a profound level while creating a safe and effective learning environment.”
– Owen T.  (Occupational Therapist and Ergonomist)


"Hi Mark, I was in your Alexander Technique (intro) workshop... and just wanted to say thank you!  Even though it was very much an intro class, what I learned is making a huge impact. What I'm noticing the most is that my lower back pain is practically non-existent now. Usually when I walk around the city long enough, for example, it starts to hurt, but I've recently gone on multi-hour treks, and it's been totally fine!  I also feel lighter, and more aware of my body alignment.  It's incredible.  I'm really happy with the few things you taught us. :)  All the best, and thanks again."
-Giovanna. L (Actor and Musician)


"Years of progressively deteriorating joint health and chronic pain left me feeling very demoralized and dis-empowered to pursue any of the physical exercise that I had always depended on for health and mental balance. Then one day I was struck by an impulse to rekindle my long-dormant interest in music and to take up classical guitar practice. It didn't take me long to figure out that the repetitive, physical nature of guitar practice was going to be a potential deal breaker for me but, thankfully, I stumbled across Mark & the Alexander Technique and started lessons. I keep hoping the lessons will make me younger or reverse some poor life choices in my past, which hasn’t happened yet, but in the meantime they have eliminated a lot of pain and left me feeling like a have the tools and freedom to pursue whatever activities may inspire me. My doctor also tells me I am a half inch taller than I was a year ago!"
-Phil G.


“I’m a professional singer who was having issues with breathing during performances; a friend recommended me to the Alexander Technique since breathing and oration were what instigated the creation of the Technique. Although I originally went in to work with breath technique, what also came up was the recurring pain of an old hip injury, and knee problems as a jogger.  Working with fundamental concepts gradually addressed it all.”

“Mark is a very patient and thorough teacher, and is always able to describe a concept in a way that any individual can understand; he is perfectly able to translate physiological terms by way of analogies that I can relate to.  He is also able to explain both previously-learned and new concepts from a different perspective that accords with my progress. He is always encouraging and is confident in everyone’s potential; he seems to know the right time to introduce new challenges and when to come back to basics, and in both situations the student still feels like progress is being made.”

“He is incredibly intuitive and has a clear sense of the physical condition as well as influences that may be occurring generally in life.  One could easily describe his teaching as holistic. I have been studying with Mark for two years now and Alexander Technique lessons have positively affected more aspects of my life than I could have imagined; they have been (and continue to be) an inspiring journey.”
– Shannon S. (Professional Singer)


“I worked with Mark while training for a summer of two Ultra-marathons. I was experiencing knee pain after long training runs and was becoming very concerned I would not be able to compete.  After observing my mechanics and technique Mark got me working on adjustments that were clear, concise and truthfully game-changing for me. Simple visualization exercises, examples, adjustments and calm, confident instruction made making the changes straightforward.  Within a very short period, I was running not only pain free, but more efficiently than I ever had, finishing in the top 10% of both races.  I highly recommend working with Mark.”
– Kevin W. (Project Manager and Ultra Endurance Athlete)


'I, like many people I believe, carried the notion that good posture was something that could be attained by simply repeatedly jerking oneself into a rigid up right spinal position over and over until the habit stuck. How gloriously wrong I was!  Mark notices habits in myself that I have never noticed before. This is of tremendous value because it gives me greater awareness of myself, which in turn facilitates more growth. The Alexander technique is a rare and wonderful thing. It is rare inasmuch as that it is a skill which, unlike many others, has truly life altering consequences. It has helped me, and continues to help me, in many facets of my life.'
- Joshua K. (Actor)